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Health authorities around the world are increasing the suggested optimum recommendations for fruits and vegetable consumption. Most suggest between 6-8 daily portions, or more. Whilst fruits seem to be easier to “grab and munch” and integrate into a busy lifestyle, vegetables are often neglected.

From our fruit and vegetable daily consumption we should be aiming for a ration of 70% vegetables to 30% fruit. Amanda from “Love the Juice” has created the perfect blend with her juices allowing you to easily boost your daily vegetable quota. They also help add some veggie variety to the diet.

There are 70- 80% of vegetables in each 250ml bottle and 20-30% fruits. This is equivalent to 400g! The low fruit content is sufficient to add some natural sweetness but low enough to assist with regulating blood sugar levels for those who have problems in this area.

Love the juice is 100% organic. This means you are caring for the environment and yourself when drinking their juice avoiding hidden pesticides and herbicides that are often sprayed onto fruit and vegetables. These chemicals may also damage health.

They are raw cold pressed, which means all nutrients are retained. Specifically polyphenols (plant chemicals) are not destroyed by heat processing. It is these compounds that are so beneficial for our health as they fight the damage we face from free radicals every single day.

Additionally, Amanda has added 1,000,000 beneficial bacteria to each juice which helps towards supporting digestion and immunity. Ganeden BC 30 is a patented strain of bacteria Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 which is very stable and will be preserved within your juice – even surviving digestion and allowing you to reap the benefits. For all research read here:

Many have impaired digestion due to a combination of environmental and lifestyle factors. This means that the body may struggle to breakdown foods and absorb the nutrients they contain. Love the Juice is a great way to gain nutrients even if you have digestive issues. Juicing cuts out the hard work of breaking down food so the preserved nutrients are more readily absorbed into your body.

Useful as a refreshing drink anytime of day and with the reduced calorie content they are also suitable for those concerned about energy balance. Only 68Kcal per bottle.

What´s more, these will keep for 21 days so you can bulk buy and keep in the fridge for easy health juices on the go!

Yours in health.

Christine Johanna Kjeldbjerg
Nutritional Therapist
MSc – Personalised Nutrition, BSc – Nutritional Therapy